Thanks to all who attended the  Community Update Meeting  Saturday May 6th

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Saturday - June 24th is a Bearspaw area Community Heritage Celebration

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Also go to Land Use and Subdivision for applications (4 new)  in our area (Division 8)

                Ready for this?.... "YES"

                Ready for this?.... "YES"




Community news.

As your Councillor...

I will listen to all of you - about Division 8 - and all of Rocky View.

I will hear the concerns of all of you.

I will protect and enhance property values.

I will advocate for supportive options for seniors to stay in our communities.

I will work with those that are committed to flood mitigation solutions, in ways that respect the rights of those most impacted.

I will protect your interests from the City of Calgary agenda by defending the autonomy of Rocky View as the province imposes the Calgary Regional Growth Management Board on us.

I will work for you - all of you!

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