Summary from Nov.5 Bearspaw update (with links to details)

Thank you to the many, many people who contributed and helped with another successful Community Connection meeting on November 5. The participation at these meetings keeps growing and many good  connections are being made.   So many wonderful contributors to our community, we can do great things.

If I missed you at the meeting, I apologize that sometimes because of the time constraints I’m unable to connect with everyone on their particular issue during these meetings. Please contact me by email or phone to set up a time or appointment.  I’ll help wherever I can.

For those who missed it the meeting covered the following:

  1. ·         There are currently are no new proposals for developments in our area. For the ones that are active go to my website at
  2. ·         The Bearspaw Gas and Tim Hortons is back on track and the design of it is being monitored, by county staff to make sure it fits in our area. Construction starts in the spring now that conditions have been met.  Click to See note from County Planner
  3. ·         Moving this storm water out of the Meadow Drive area is a critical project that continues to move forward although not as fast as all of us would like.  There are a number of regulatory hurdles we are working through. This is a critical project for our community.  22 of 27 required easements are in place.!  Lots of water
  4. ·         12 mile Coulee Road (south of the 1A) will be twinned next year. On November 24 at the Lions Community hall at 6:45 pm the plan will be presented to residents in this area. Addtional notices will be going out for this.
  5. ·         The County will be adjusting the electoral boundaries for the next election. We currently have nine divisions in Rocky View. County Administration is recommending we go to seven divisions. This is a pending decision of Council. I welcome your input on this.  See divisions currently click here.
  6. ·         A new number of our Bearspaw residents are now selected, appointed and serving on Rocky View Boards. Division eight, Bearspaw, is well represented. I have taken on more as well. Click here.
  7. ·         Alan Bishop, President of the Bearspaw Lions, reported new funds from province to add to the funds Rocky View Recreation provided to help complete the fantastic updating of the Lions community facility.  He will show us more next time we all meet.
  8. ·         Mr. Chris Sharkey Board member of the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre gave an encouraging update that this winter there will be an outdoor rink at the BLC and the Board is again working to move forward on a number of longer-term recreation facility additions there.
  9. ·         Ms. Susan Brown (local resident)  updated all attendees on a community aggregate policy draft that was developed by a broad range of community people. The document was submitted to the county with the intention that it should influence the Rocky View aggregate (gravel policy) that will soon be coming out before the end of the year. Job well done. For a copy of the submission from these community members Click here. For the County's early comments back Click Here. 
  10. ·         Mr. Brent Clark presented extensive information concerning new jet traffic directly over parts of Bearspaw. (CLICK HERE FOR HIS PRESENTATION) Mr. Clark is looking for additional support from local residents regarding the noise related to these new air traffic routes directly over our area. He is meeting with the Calgary Airport Authority on behalf of effected residents. Increased support will help this cause.  He has a meeting with the Airport authority on Nov 17th  and can be reached at :   To support this click here for his sign up form and get it to him.
  11. ·         Crime in our area and across the county is increasing. Rosemary from Rural Crime Watch gave and full presentation on some of the precautionary measures local residents can take to prevent crime in our area. Prevention starts with an informed and engaged community she stated. Many signed up as members and there is more to come on the crime prevention theme. Connect with them by clicking on CRIME WATCH.  Also Citizens on Patrol is another proactive organization active in our area. There is more we can do here.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! -Next Community connection meeting January 28th. Same time. Same place.