Growth Management Boards - The future?

Rocky View County has an excellent track record of voluntarily working with other municipalities that exist within the County (letter).

Reeve Boehlke informing property owners of GMB issues

Reeve Boehlke informing property owners of GMB issues

The provincial government recently announced that it will be mandating participation by the County and other municipalities in a Calgary Region, Growth Management Board (link).

The Reeve, Deputy Reeve and the County staff have done an excellent job bringing sound policy recommendations and  concerns to the government. The key area of concern for the County is the governance model around making decisions related to development including water, transportation, and wastewater servicing.

 In the past the County has advocated for a equitable approach for all municipalities. Calgary, through the Calgary Metropolitan Plan,  has advocated that they should have the power to veto any proposal put forward others. The Provincial Government  will be presenting more details in the spring including draft legislative changes to the Municipal Government Act.  They intend to pass the legislation in early 2017 (link) . 

At this time it is a little uncertain how this will effect Rocky View County, but what I can say is were fortunate to have the Council and Staff we do because they have experience and depth on these issues.  County property owners can be assured they are being well represented. That said, the outcomes are unknown at this time. We should have more details before summer.