Updates... Memorial moving, Muslim Association, Lions club, Glenbow, Gravel and more..

The large 1967 pioneer monument on Lochend Road.. will be moved later this year. I’m grateful to a number of residents who have helped on this project already.   I look forward to seeing this monument placed in the vicinity of the Historic School in central Bearspaw.  The date for the new placement of this Pioneer Memorial will likely be in late June or early July 2016. A number of announcements will go out well in advance. The new placement of this great memorial stone will be combined with a community celebration. Just for the fun of it!

A storm water management plan ....for the Aspen Drive, Meadow Drive and Burma Road areas has been completed by the County. I have arranged for County staff, and the engineers involved, to present the plan to residents on April 7at the Bearspaw Lifestyle centre from 7 PM to 9 PM. Please send me advance  questions you may have so that the presenters can address them proactively.  There will be additional sign notifications of the meeting.

The Muslim Association of Calgary ...has commissioned BRZ Partnership Inc. to move forward a Master Site Development Plan on a site that consists of 20 acres located south of Burma Road on the west side of Rocky Ridge Road north. The first step of the proposal is to change the land use designation from Country Residential to “Public Service”. This change may allow for various new uses of the land.  More public consultation will occur before this proposal comes to Council for a decision. To find out more you can contact Dominic Kazmierczak at 403-520-6291, or email at dkazmierczak@rockyview.ca.  

The Lions Club is planning a substantial facelift to the Lions Hall. This building has been used by the community for many years.  Rocky View County through the Recreation Board is helping with some of the costs. The improvements will be excellent. The renewed Lions Hall with be more suitable to functions and provide a more attractive asset to our community core. We will work to have the concept drawings at the April 23 morning meeting as well.

 The Glenbow Area Structure Plan process... has completed gathering the initial input from stakeholders. Before summer, a draft land use map and related information for the ASP will be released. This area structure plan is pioneering the new concept of “Conservation Credits”.  This methodology allows for a trade-off to occur equitably between landowners. Higher densities in one area will require purchased, Conservation Credits from other landowners . This approach locks in open spaces and confines developable areas. Although the concept has been around for a while the provincial cabinet will be required to approve the use of Conservation Credits trading within the Glenbow ASP.    

The company, Lehigh Hansen Ltd (Inland)... has recently completed some initial meetings with the community. This company owns the land north of Burma Road and Rocky Ridge Road. They are looking to develop their land for gravel extraction. Clearly a number of people have expressed concern about this.  At this time a proposal to the County is 6 or more months away.  Once the company submits a proposal to the County the formal public process will begin.  On a separate initiative Rocky View County is completing a comprehensive aggregate (gravel) strategy for the entire County. The County already has much more stringent rules around gravel extraction than the province or the city. Our new policy will allow us to strengthen the rules around gravel pits even further.

A new  County Seniors Policy is coming out next month.  It looks good!