Review of Saturday (Jan. 28, 2017) Community Update Meeting

Janet at  the Jan 28th meeting.JPG

This was the 5th Community Update Meeting  in the last 14 months I have hosted. I appreciate the many folks who help and attend these meetings. It is one way to report to the community and to hear back from you. These would not work as well if not for the volunteers and community members who help set up, bring morning snacks and coffee and clean up when we finish. Thank you!.

On Saturday I presented the following:

  1. An update on Land Use and Subdivsion applications and the Glenbow and Bearspaw Area Structure Plans.
  2. Final pictures for the new Bearspaw Gas (Day and Night)
  3. Resident feedback on priorities and  the Quality of Life in the county
  4. Roads update - For snow removal, and  road improvements
  5. Review of the County Aggregate Policy development process and the new revised draft coming out in April (target). Guest speaker Janet Ballantyne also gave a more detailed  report on the process from the perspective of a residents group called Rocky View Gravel Watch. Thank you Janet!
  6. Report on Provincial Government Legislative changes that once  finalized will change the way growth in the Calgary Region is managed.
  7. We finished with Questions and Answers and touched on 5 other topic areas that are my focus as well.

Click here for the full slide presentation. 

Call or text me if you have any questions at 403.815.4999