The impact of the Calgary Growth Management Board for Rocky View Landowners

Minister Anderson

Minister Anderson

A Growth Management Board for the Calgary Region is being mandated by the current Provincial Government. 

The main problem with what is being rolled out is that the decision making model gives Calgary heavy decision making  dominance over the other municipalities - particularly  Rocky View. 

Under the proposed protocol, Calgary has control of the region well beyond their city limits.


Rural municipalities should have an equal say in governance...  (more...)

One vote per one municipality (i) supports the intent of the Municipal Government Act of recognizing municipalities’ autonomy, and (ii) acknowledges that the majority of growth will occur within rural jurisdictions through the process of annexation.

For more detail or Rocky View's position .... CLICK HERE

Let the Minister and Premier know what you think.  Click for Contact info etc.

See the example note sent by one of our residents (Mr. Brent Clark) and the answer the Minister sent back.  He needs to hear from others.

Rocky View County is required by the Minister and Premier to be one of the 10 Municipalities in the new Calgary Region (7 are urban municipalities and 3 are rural in nature). Rocky View is impacted the most as the County surrounds Calgary and has the largest land area.