South Bearspaw news

 TWINNING OF South portion of  12 MILE COULEE ROAD AND other news in the area

It is on again.

In the fall the detailed plan for the twinning of south 12 Mile Coulee Rd was presented to  125 interested residents in the area who were able to attend the public meeting I hosted. The work was planned to be completed this year. (click here to see the plan presentation)

About six week later I released information to say the project was on hold because the costs for the City were higher than expected and money was flowing to higher priority roads. I presented the summary concerns and priorities of local residents at an  Inter-municipal meeting with the County and City of Calgary. (see summary)

The City has reconsidered and now will be proceeding and spreading the project over two years. The first year portion will involve twinning the northern portion (red arrow above pic) and moving utility servicing safely underground. The second phase (white arrow above pic) will be completed next year.

Other good news.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

The County Emergency Services has now formally requested the City to complete the upgrade for use of the emergency access road at the south end of 12 Mile Coulee Rd. with  access through Tuscany.  

The City has indicated they are willing to move forward on this. To me this is critical and must be completed soon. This will provide a  much needed permanent second access for emergency vehicles into the south Bearspaw area.


Some Stormwater melt

Some Stormwater melt

Some Stormwater melt normally should flow down the west ditch of 12 Mile Coulee Rd., south of 80th Ave. (Twp rd. 252), but heavy accumulation of plant debris and ice and snow have blocked the flow. The result is that water has run onto the Lynx Golf course and some properties. I met with people effected. Both the County and City staff  have now also met on site to examine the issues and the City has agreed (their road)  to do  maintenance of the drainage ditch immediately to restore the proper flow. The City has indicated long term solutions will also be put in place so this issue will not be a recurring problem. 


FYI  - Last week,  County staff performed a site visit with the City personnel to determine how much water was actually leaving the Watermark ponds and it was determined that the ponds were functioning as designed and releasing a negligible amount of water to the ditch.

The real issue is remediation works to the ditch along with better establishing ditch banks in certain areas (Lynx Ridge Golf Course) will allow the ditch to better convey water and correct the issues.