Community Heritage Celebration coming JUNE 24 !!!


BearspawCommunty Heritage Celebration that is ramping up to be a great event on June 24th.  Events, great speakers, displays, prizes, costumes, music, local history revealed, food and fun are all part of this coming together of the Community. There are many groups active in our community, but rarely do they come together around one event. June 24th is the day to do it. Fifty years ago to the day, in 1967, the homesteader families of our area were honored. The names of over one hundred families where listed on a bronze shield and attached to a large stone local to our area.  That year was Canada’s centennial.

This year is Canada’ sesquicentennial (150 years) and that same homesteader rock and shield is now located next at the Historical School House in the heart of Bearspaw. The Bearspaw Historical Society, together with many other organizations in our community, are hosting this all day event which will culminate witha dinner honoring the homestead families who still reside in the area. This will be an all day event with food and fun for young and not so young. Plan to drop in and be part of it. To help out and join in theplanning to make the day - great fun for all -  contact Louise McAuley at or call 403-208-4300 or myself at 403.815.4999.