YOU MAY HAVE MISSED IT - If you did... here is a summary of the information shared at the last COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS MEETING (Sept 17).

Many thanks to the Community Members who presented at the last Community Connections Meeting and a special thanks to Councillor Rolly Ashdown who came from Langdon to present how the Development Appeal Board works.

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1. Bertha Staddon informed the community of the great programs at our Lifestyle Centre. Check it out.

2. John Sherban share details about our recreation board that is well funded and open to new ideas. Click here for his slide presentation

3. Reviewed develop decisions recently made by council in our area. Nothing new except a proposal to change R2 to R1 (4 acres to 2 acres) was declined on woodlands way . Click here for more details.  Also the draft  GLENBOW RANCH AREA STUCTURE PLAN is available for viewing and comment now. Click here to get the full plan

4. Sign up for Rocky View SAFE AND SOUND . Get email alert on important notices that you want, including development applications close to you.  Just click here.

5.  A 15 million dollar facility in our community is going up now. This sign is on 12 mile coulee road - north

Under Construction now. Fantastic. 

Under Construction now. Fantastic. 

6.  I reported on my meeting with STONY TRAIL AGGREGATE RESOURCE (STAR) gravel pit. This pit operates on provincial land in the city and has been noisy all summer 24/7. They agreed to meet with me when a video of the noise at 3 am was circulated on- line (thanks).  The outcomes from the meeting are an improvement. Click to see the summary of the OUTCOMES .

7. We detailed that Rocky View residents contribute a lot (millions) to schools, recreation facilities, library services, seniors housing options and family and community support services to all the towns within the county. This certainly includes Cochrane and Airdrie. Use these facilities and services with confidence. Contact me ( for details if needed.

8. There are currently 5 resident working groups (that I know of ) that focused on improving our community.

a) Meadow Drive Storm Water  (meeting Sept 29th)

b) South Bearspaw - (meeting October 19th)

c) Responsible Resource Development (ACORRD) (meeting October 20)

d) Community Themes (Look and Feel) October 5th Click to see the excellent presentation done by community members JANET BANTEL AND ASAD NIASI

e) Bearspaw Gravel watch and Strategy session (tentative date October 15th) More to follow on separate news item.

9.  Councillor Rolly Ashdown of Division 4 (Langdon and area) is the Chair of the Development Appeal Board. He came to the Saturday meeting and did a great job of explaining how the (DAB) board works. For the details on what he covered click Development Appeal.

10. We reminded - If you have a little time and want to make a positive difference in our community and county - currently  there are many official positions the county is looking to fill.  Have a look and get your info in asap.  click Together we can better. Thank you! 

Next Community Connections Meeting is Nov. 5th,  9 am to 11 am at our Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre. Hope to see you there. Any issues you want on the Agenda?